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Not Like Any Other…

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This Thanksgiving feels different…the love runs deeper, the need for connection to family and friends more intense. We look out our window and see that the world is a scary place, so we turn inward looking for comfort from the people, places, and traditions we hold most dear. There remains much to be grateful for, […]

Perspectives…For Women Who Lead: Late Summer Edition

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The late summer edition of Perspectives…For Women Who Lead, if filled with ideas and information to help lead your best life, including a study that shows that being a working mom is actually good for your kids; there are ways to overcome your fear of public speaking; that bouquet of flowers on your desk not only make you happy, they make you a better employee; and the last best hope for the future of the planet may be this 20/30 something generation of young leaders.

A Rhyme In Time…

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With the recent passing of Maya Angelou, one of America’s greatest poets, along with my own modest success of having a poem published in the New York Times, brought forth the idea to have a poetry contest of our own. No matter how many forms your creativity takes, from cutting edge leadership to great cooking, writing down your thoughts and observations can free your mind to fly. I believe there is a poet in all of us. So dust off that old journal that’s stashed in a drawer, and get writing. The world is waiting to read your thoughts!

Back To The Future…

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I love the start of a New Year for the nostalgia and introspection it inspires. I have a tradition on New Years Day of reflecting on where I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the experiences that mattered and the lessons learned; the cumulative effect of victories won and wisdom gained along the way that I […]

Press 1 for a Nervous Breakdown…

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Technology is wonderful except when it isn’t. One of the times it isn’t is when you need information or customer service and you find yourself hopelessly tangled in a maze of “Push 1 if your problem is X” options or even worse, you hear the dreaded “Welcome to the automated attendant service where we have […]

A Star In The Storm…

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The story of Christmas is about so many things; faith, kindness, and the triumph of the spirit even in the poorest of conditions. So is the story of saving Star…and in the process, saving ourselves. Super storm Sandy was on her way; the weather maps showed her imminent approach. To ease my concern, I scrolled […]

Welcome to the "new and improved" Perspectives

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After a longer than anticipated hiatus from blogging, it feels good to be back in the computer chair and filled with thoughts to share. This new incarnation of Perspectives represents a long-held theory of mine that in life you can have it all, just not all at the same time: Life is a series of […]