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Children Are Starving in China…

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The recent multimillion dollar wedding of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas proved that money truly can buy you anything including a fairytale wedding in the forest that Snow White would envy. For all its beauty and creativity I couldn’t help but hear my mother’s voice in my head saying, “But children are starving in China”. Is such excess ever justified when there is so much suffering in the world.

A Little Piece of World Peace…

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The experiences of this past week have brought in to sharp focus the importance of an ongoing dialog in international relations. From the building of friendships and networks at Lehigh University’s Global Village to the ongoing success of an entrepreneurial venture in Afghanistan, I am reminded that each one of us can and should contribute to a more peaceful planet.

First Check Reality Check…

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By now, almost everyone who earns one has received their first paycheck of 2013. Depending on your income bracket and your budget the reality of what the expired Payroll Tax Cut means to you is starting to hit home. 2% more out of your paycheck probably didn’t sound like much in the abstract when you […]

Back To The Future…

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I love the start of a New Year for the nostalgia and introspection it inspires. I have a tradition on New Years Day of reflecting on where I’ve been, the people I’ve met, the experiences that mattered and the lessons learned; the cumulative effect of victories won and wisdom gained along the way that I […]

Press 1 for a Nervous Breakdown…

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Technology is wonderful except when it isn’t. One of the times it isn’t is when you need information or customer service and you find yourself hopelessly tangled in a maze of “Push 1 if your problem is X” options or even worse, you hear the dreaded “Welcome to the automated attendant service where we have […]

A Star In The Storm…

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The story of Christmas is about so many things; faith, kindness, and the triumph of the spirit even in the poorest of conditions. So is the story of saving Star…and in the process, saving ourselves. Super storm Sandy was on her way; the weather maps showed her imminent approach. To ease my concern, I scrolled […]

Monday Musings: An Image Of A Former Self

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My theory about getting older is; we may intellectually be able to look in the mirror and accept what we see…signs of middle age and all. But somewhere in the recesses of our mind lives the younger version of us, the persona we’ve created of who we think we were back then. Photos from our […]

Warrior Wednesday: Wall Of Memories/Bracelets Of Hope

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I don’t know what it says about us as a species, but somehow we humans manage to have a war every ten to twenty years; as if each generation needs it’s own bloody touchstone. For my group of Baby Boomers, it was and is, Vietnam.  Since the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, “The Wall”, was dedicated in […]

The Old Switcharoo…

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You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and writers: So here we are on “Woman Warrior Wednesday” without a Warrior, at least until Friday, when we’ll profile GEN Jessica Wright. Instead, we’re doing the “old switcheroo”; bringing “Friday Finds” to you today. Considering that the weekly deadline for ordering from […]

Monday Musings: This Wasn’t What We Planned

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The following two stories are true, and have occurred in this past week. The names have been changed to protect everyone, some, quite frankly, who don’t deserve protection. Welcome to the latest of Perspectives’ new “regular features”: Woman Warrior Wednesday, Fashion & Finds Friday are now joined by “Monday Musings”, a weekly look at the […]

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