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Weaving Silken Dreams…Here in Allentown

May 26, 2010 by  
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I’m in the process of writing my first column for the Morning Call in almost a year. The topic will be the stress our military is under due to so many multiple deployments and how the new Veteran’s Sanctuary, opening this fall in Allentown, is a much needed resource. The story will appear on Memorial […]

So What Are You Doing Next Weekend…

May 17, 2010 by  
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Dealing with blog gremlins and finishing a project have caused the prolonged neglect of this blog. But I do want to take advantage of what opportunity there is to let you know about two wonderful and worthwhile events that are happening next weekend. First is a benefit concert by the Craig Thatcher Allstar Review at […]

Voices in the Wilderness

May 6, 2010 by  
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Blogger’s Note: The primary purpose of the following post was to highlight the email message that Charlie Versaggi distributed yesterday to city council and the city administration, continuing to point out the issues with council’s approval of the funding for the proposed 7th St low income housing project. The point being that council’s approval is […]

A Story Worth Reading: Allentown Grants

May 2, 2010 by  
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There is a story in today’s (Sunday, May 2) Morning Call, written by Jarrett Renshaw, that is a “must read” for anyone who is interested in the politics and the future of Allentown. Titled, “Mixed track record on grants for Allentown businesses”, you can read it for yourself by clicking on the live link. It’s […]